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Jan 29, 2019

Sarah Massagee is a UX designer based in Atlanta, GA. She is passionate about creating digital experiences through UX/UI design and Virtual Reality (VR). Our conversation with her is the last of our recordings from SIEGE 2018.

Sarah's Website

Jan 14, 2019

Dean Velez has had a lengthy career in media and motion graphics. Over that career, he has worked in commercials and marketing and more recently has ventured into VR and gaming. We talked to him at SIEGE about his time at Sprocket Creative, specifically about his recent intensive apprenticeship experiment "The...

Dec 18, 2018

Michelle Menard is a systems designer with an extensive resume within the game industry. She has worked on board games, video games, social games, and any sort of game design consulting you care to mention. She is a regular presenter at SIEGE, where she was gracious enough to take a break from her crazy schedule to...

Dec 4, 2018

The first of four interviews we recorded at SIEGE 2018, William Moritz describes himself as a creative problem solver. He's worked in a huge number of positions in different creative industries in multiple countries. In our interview, he told the story of his time working at an animation house in China.


Nov 20, 2018

We were on a panel at this year's SIEGE (Southern Interactive Entertainment and Games Expo). The panel was titled "Long-Term Collaboration, or How Not to Kill Each Other for Fun and Profit". The initial idea was Pat's, I wrote and submitted the pitch (and the title, of which I am quite proud). Molly and Leah were...