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Jul 10, 2017

Chris Bivins is a 2D Generalist who regularly tackles illustration, concept art, storyboards, digital painting, motion graphics, and animation. He's that rare sort of artist who seems to be good at everything he tries, yet still remains humble.
Originally from Kansas City Missouri, Chris graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta with an BFA in Media Arts & Animation. He works days at AGS creating art for video slot machines (alongside co-host Pat Bollin), and has done freelance concept and storyboards for feature films, as well as illustration for comics and games.

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We'd like to thank our guest editor for this episode, Jason Grace, for all his hard work!

Please check out his Soundcraft Essentials Series albums. These are high quality, affordable sound effects libraries for independent media creators. Each album is an essential collection of designed genre specific sounds.

Also available for download on GooglePlay and Amazon.

If you're interested in a possible collaboration, here's a link to Jason's portfolio:


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