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Jan 22, 2018

It's a new year, so we decided to sit down and talk about the past twelve-plus months and the twenty episodes of this podcast that we've released in that time. We talk a bit about what we've accomplished, milestones both past and planned, and where our sixteen guests are now.



Episode 2 - David Riddle

Episode 3 - Jeremiah Clark

Episode 4 - Allyssa Lewis

Episode 5 - Darnell Johnson

Episodes 6 & 7 - Pat Bollin

Episode 8 - Goni Montes

Episode 9 - Fernando Vaquez

Episode 10 - Kim Gnuyen

Episode 11 - Brad Merritt

Episode 12 - Molly Proffitt

Episode 13 - Chris Bivins

Episode 14 - John Clowdus

Episode 15 - Kathryn Hudson

Episode 17 - Marty Walker

Episode 18 - Ken Bock

Special shout out to our regular podcast editor, Adam, who was able to make this sprawling conversation flow as well as it does. He saves either of us from having to listen to ourselves endlessly while editing, and makes us sound good in the process.


Finally, since this recording Pat has officially become a father! Lucas Bollin was born on January 2nd, congratulations to Pat and Renee!
Pat and Lucas

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