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Nov 28, 2016

Originally from Maine, Jeremiah graduated from The Art Institute of Atlanta with a degree in Game Art and Design, and has parlayed his knowledge and natural interests into a career as a game producer in the casino games industry. He has the rare quality of being both highly creative and highly organized at the same time, which are some of the qualities that make a good creative project manager, or producer.

Even though I’ve known Jeremiah for a few years now, there were a lot new things I didn’t personally know about him that came out in this interview. I can honestly say that Jeremiah is the model of what our podcast is about, which is taking your talents, skillset, and even your personal challenges, and using them to shape your own career in creative industries; sometimes in ways that aren’t always expected. ~Pat

Comics influences

Deliberate Practice

What is a Game Producer?

PS: Sorry, I really did look, but I couldn't find any of my old Squirrel Man comics. I'll keep looking. ~Jeremiah


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