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SIEGE 2018, and a Newsletter Update

Oct 3, 2018

Hey everyone!

Just a little housekeeping I wanted to take care of real quick here.

First of all, this upcoming weekend is the 2018 Southern Interactive Entertainment and Games Expo (SIEGE), the big local game industry event for Georgia and the southeastern United States. Pat and I will be attending. I've gone every year since 2009 (I think), but this will be Pat's first time. We've already lined up some interviews to record that we'll be releasing during the busy holiday months, so look out for those.

We will also be on a panel at 11:30 Sunday morning "Long-Term Collaboration, or How Not to Kill Each Other for Fun and Profit" (the name was my idea, I'm oh so pleased with myself). It will be the two of us along with past guest Molly Proffitt and her business partner Leah Knighton, both from Ker-Chunk Games. As it stands, we're the fun, they're the profit.

If you're planning on attending SIEGE this year, stop by and say hello!

Finally, I've just now realized that our newsletter has been broken for most of this year. Apparently, when we switched hosting providers we forgot to update the RSS feed, so nothing has gone out. I'm so sorry about that, and it should be fixed now.

There are actually two newsletters now, one for our podcast, and the other for our YouTube channel. Both will only send when there has been something new posted, and no more often than once a week.

Thanks to everyone for listening, life is crazy but we're not giving up!

- Jeremiah Clark